Aquila uses their training in the coaching field, lived experience and specific methodologies to create a custom designed programme tailored to the client’s needs. All sessions carried out are confidential.

‘With all clients…’ Aquila explains ‘…I try to get to know their goals/intentions from the outset but also introduce techniques that empower them in advance. Often my goal as coach is to create a safe space for discussion, experimentation and grace. Where errors aren’t judged but understood as part of the journey towards the destination’ However working with a client is a two-way street. Aquila will bring all the skills and technique (to the yard…) but its up to the client to take it on board and integrate them accordingly. For those who do, there’s a chance to open up to not just achieve the goals set but also improve wellbeing, gain further self awareness and tools to keep with them throughout their lives.


1-2-1: Self awareness, LGBTQ+ issues, racial awareness, resilience through adversity, focus and grounding, visualisation and more.


Monthly Packages

All sessions are payable via PayPal/bank transfer prior to sessions commencing.

In the building. Starter level coaching package for those who have limited time/funds to get things started. Ideal for those who are starting out who need a ‘sounding board’ for uncertainties, obstacles and who are new on the road to self development. Unlimited monthly 45 minute sessions over phone or Discord server.

Minimum commitment of eight sessions - £300 per month

On The Floor. For those who have already started their self development journey but want deeper understanding or just feel stuck in a rut and unsure how to maintain momentum and focus going forward. Unlimited monthly 90 min sessions over the phone or Discord server.

Minimum commitment of three months - £600

In The Room. For those who really want to level up and push out of your comfort zone. There will be challenges, candour and moments of awkwardness. If you want to strap a rocket to your goals, refresh your confidence and also get regular coaching throughout, this is for you! Regular weekly or fortnightly 90 minute sessions over the phone or Discord server.

Minimum commitment of six months - £1200 - £2000

And don’t just take my word for it, here’s some words from those who have received coaching from Aquila.

Aquila is both friendly yet firm in their coaching style. Their down to earth personality makes it easy to open up and comfortably settle into a professional relationship where Aquila becomes a way to work out goals, decisions, and future plans. I would highly recommend Aquila as a coaching partner.

Julia Feliz

For more decades than I will admit here, I have been struggling to really clarify my aims for my personal growth, to work steadily on doing better as a person, to move beyond the limitations of my upbringing as a white English person. Ash is keeping me on track, properly balanced between staying uncomfortable with the violence of whiteness, and being proactive in calling out and dismantling the toxic whiteness in my life.

A C Baker

Aquila provides a relaxed and non-judgemental space to explore themes and ideas around identity and society. Initially concerned about how to push for self-growth without compromising my mental health issues, Aquila has put my fears to rest by continually adapting our working style. Aquila takes a genuine interest in seeing each other as whole people, not just the sum of our parts. I’d thoroughly recommend booking time with Aquila if you want to be continually challenged, surprised and better-informed in your journey through life.

Philippa Jones

I strongly recommend starting a coaching with Aquila. I have learned not only valuable life lessons, but I also felt escorted on my path to loving myself. Aquila is providing a practical personally specific toolkit that ranges from how to start a daily routine to how to set and strengthen personal boundaries. Through her coaching I felt heard and I felt seen... and through the phone as I am based in Switzerland! Never have I met a coach who understood so well the implications of gender identity, neuro divergence, sexuality and race in someone's journey.

Meloe Gennai

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