I’ve also worked and continue to work with LGBTQ+ organisations as a black queer trans and non-binary individual, its important to make my voice heard for those who cannot. Be those who are in living situations where they cannot be fully themselves, or for those where just being who they are is a life threatening situation. Below are some of the organisations and project I’ve had the pleasure to be a part of.


birmingham pride 2019

I marched again with my good friends at UNMUTED and were proud to stand with Queer Muslims to lead the parade this year!

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I had the opportunity to run a seminar called ‘Walking While Queer’ discussing safety, awareness and issues surrounding queer people on public transport. Many thanks to Beatfreeks for the chance to collaborate.


shout festival 2018

I was thrilled to be part of the TAG exhibition as part of SHOUT Festival 2018. It was still a bit odd to see me be part of a diverse field of queer women, but I’m glad to be among them representing transfemme non-binary people.


NEON (New Economy Organisers Network)

I am also part of the NEON spokesperson network and have been trained to deal with media interviews via radio or in person as well. It has opened up a lot more opportunities to speak on trans related issues also.


ageing with pride

Glad to have taken part of Ageing With Pride 2018-2019 and making sure we reach out to LGBTQ people aged 50 or over. It was a long day, but a brilliantly fun shoot with good friends old and new!