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Photo by RobPGPhtography

Photo by RobPGPhtography

Hi, my names Aquila Hope and I am a empowering speaker, certified holistic life coach, engaging artist and passionate trans activist.

The pillars of what I do lie in three words right at the top of this page:

Kindness, Resilience and Creativity.

By this creed I’ve spoken to many people from LGBTQ people, corporations, universities, colleges as well as coaching individuals towards goals and intentions big and small.

Overall, I look to empower people through story, analysis, artistic and holistic practice.

Here’s some of them who I have served…

Julia Feliz_2019.jpg

Aquila is both friendly yet firm in her coaching style. Her down to earth personality makes it easy to open up and comfortably settle into a professional relationship where Aquila becomes a way to work out goals, decisions, and future plans. I would highly recommend Aquila as a coaching partner.

— Julia Feliz


For more decades than I will admit here, I have been struggling to really clarify my aims for my personal growth, to work steadily on doing better as a person, to move beyond the limitations of my upbringing as a white English person. Ash is keeping me on track, properly balanced between staying uncomfortable with the violence of whiteness, and being proactive in calling out and dismantling the toxic whiteness in my life

— A C Baker

So, if you want to know more about my services, scroll down and hit the purple button and ask away!

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